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The Little Christmas Village That Could

Kathy Kulhan of Greenville used her Christmas Village this past winter (2014-2015) to raise funds for the Bond County Food Pantry. Donations she received totaled $160.00.

Below is what Kathy wrote to Anna Oestreich, executive director of the food pantry and Bond County Senior Center, inviting her to visit the miniature Christmas Village display on March 17, 2015 and personally accept the financial donation:

Many friends and neighbors have come to see it and have honored my 'request' of an 'Admission of 50 cents to $50.00.' :) Because of busy holidays and several illnesses, visitors are STILL coming this week, from Effingham, Springfield & even Greenville. I would like for you to be the last visitor before I begin packing it all away until the next time.
I think you had a great suggestion to put the story and a few pictures on your website. I hope it would encourage others to do something similar for the Food Pantry, and even try to 'out-do me' with the amount of $$$ raised. :)
Thanks very much, Kathy

Anna Oestreich says, "I really enjoyed touring the village and visiting with Kathy and Bob. It was amazing - so much detail! It was a wonderful idea and it was so gracious of her to make it a benefit for the food pantry. I took [several] photos. I like the close-up and the train magical!"





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